Pete Buttigieg's husband Chasten had the best response to Melania Trump's bleak Rose Garden renovation
KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI / Win McNamee / Getty Images

Pete Buttigieg's husband Chasten had some thoughts about Melania Trump's White House rose garden makeover.

Referencing his husband's short-lived presidential campaign, he joked that the gardens could have fared much better if things had turned out differently.

Melania Trump spent months renovating the gardens outside the Oval Office, but people weren't exactly thrilled with the end result.

Aside from uprooting some of the garden's iconic blossom trees, she removed flowerbeds – some of which have gone untouched since they were planted by Jackie Kennedy in the 1960s – and replaced them with shrubbery and concrete slabs.

Some people compared Trump's finished garden to a cemetery.

While others weren't sure she should have spent the duration of the pandemic gardening, anyway.

Of course, a gardening project is a great way to relax and alleviate stress, but it could come across a little... frivolous.

People will have plenty of time to further scrutinise Trump's rose garden renovation efforts as her Republican National Conference speech will be broadcast from that very location on Tuesday evening.

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