Philip Green threatened to 'turn gay' and proposition a male reporter when approached by journalists from The Telegraph over the sexual assault allegations aimed at the mogul.

Last week, it was revealed that the owner of Topshop had taken out an injunction to stop allegations of racism, sexual harassment and bullying against him being made public.

Speaking for the first time since the allegations came out, Sir Philip claimed that he had engaged in nothing more than 'banter' with his staff, and that he had a good relationship with them all.

Now, he's been filmed launching into a furious rant at reporters from The Telegraph after they confronted him outside his rural retreat in Arizona.

When approached by a male reporter, the 66-year-old reportedly said:

I'm going to proposition you, actually. I'm going to turn gay in a minute. You can write that down. How's that?

People on social media were outraged by the statement. Here, we outline their main issues:

1. Philip Green appears to equate being gay with being a sexual predator.

2. You cannot 'turn gay'.

3. It's down right offensive.

Sir Philip denies all allegations of sexual harassment. Speaking to the Mail on Sunday regards the allegations, he said:

I'm very, very, very upset. I'm being used as target practice when there is zero [evidence] that anyone has turned up with. It's injuring my business, all the people potentially working in the business, and it's injuring me and my family.

He continued:

Tina is horrified, she's appalled that people are treating us like this. We all feel the same. It's a horror story. Somebody can say whatever they like and people just follow you around, chasing you and harassing you.

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