A photographer spent years capturing museum visitors who match artworks and the pictures are incredible


If you are a fan of fine art there is nothing better than spending a day meandering through the light and airy rooms of a museum or art gallery.

What we choose to wear to these sort of institutions probably doesn't cross our mind too often.

However, photographer Stefan Draschan loves nothing more than looking out for people at museums who are perfectly clothed for the occasion.

When we say "perfectly clothed" we mean people who are dressed similarly to the artworks on display.

Since 2015 Stefan, has spent his days waiting patiently in the museums of Paris, Vienna and Berlin until someone's outfit or look synchronises with a painting or a sculpture they are admiring.

He then quickly snaps his subject and the results are truly amazing.

Stefan has also shared how he manages to capture these stunning and amusing images.

Make sure you check out Stefan's website here.

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