These 8 photos perfectly sum up how chaotic 2020 was

As we’re all well aware, it’s been a weird and not-so-wonderful year for everyone.

And nothing proves that more than the news, which has seen some of the strangest and most surreal headlines that we’ll ever come across.

It’s also been a singular year for photography. With most of the world shut down, photographers have been able to capture the empty and desolate areas that would usually be filled to the brim with people.

But it’s not just the coronavirus that has inspired eye-catching pictures, there have been plenty of incidents in politics that have motivated photographers to capture images that speak to the times we live in.

Throughout this year, we have seen stunning photos that certainly do justice to 2020. These are just some of the best.


When lockdown started and people were forced to vacate the most densely populated areas in the world, many photographers were inspired to capture these newly empty spaces.

In London, commuters said goodbye to lunch breaks at Pret and began to work from home, leaving the city’s most popular spots shockingly empty.

Meanwhile, across the pond in New York, the usually bustling Times Square was quieter than it’s ever been.

A photo of the Great Mosque in Mecca also inspired a Twitter thread from video game developer, Rami Ismail, who explained why the sight was so significant to him.

“If this Kabaa, this center of Islam, can be empty in a world with almost 2 billion Muslims that would give anything to be able to pray there even just once in their lives, then surely it should be possible to practice social distancing where-ever we may live,” he wrote.

Social Distancing

While the government encouraged everyone to maintain social distancing, one incident of breaking the rules sparked a lot of controversy. Back in May, villagers in Grappenhall near Warrington were recorded dancing in a conga line to celebrate VE day. The video angered many social media users, who called the incident “breathtakingly stupid”.

Dominic Cummings

Another prominent rule-breaker was Dominic Cummings, who stirred up a lot of controversy when he travelled to Barnard Castle to allegedly “test his eyesight”. With coronavirus restrictions preventing regular press conferences from happening, Cummings was forced to hold one in the Downing Street rose garden, prompting some very surreal photographs.

Donald Trump

Naturally, there have been plenty of viral photos associated with the US president. In June, K-pop fans and TikTok users had apparently tricked Trump into believing that one million tickets were requested for his Tulsa rally. In reality, a large number of seats in the venue were left unfilled.

Then in a hilarious summation of election day, a woman was captured giving the president the middle finger as his motorcade drove past.

And who can forget this photo? It’s poetry.

These photos perfectly sum up the chaos that was 2020.

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