Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar debated Brexit and it went as badly as you might expect
ITV/Good Morning Britain/Twitter

The nation’s token businessman Lord Alan Sugar appeared on Good Morning Britain and, much to everyone’s shock, got into a spat with co-host Piers Morgan.

While the above clip more or less sums up the whole conversation, the pair managed to get into a passionate "debate" over Theresa May – which is arguably an achievement in itself – and her handling of Brexit.

The Apprentice businessman argued that Mrs May was victim to an impossible situation and blamed the Brexit delay on "people within her party" and "Corbyn's lot".

Mr Morgan launched a bizarre charm offensive in response, saying: "You're known in the business world as someone who can be trusted on a handshake. When you say there's a deal, there's a deal."

But instead of talking about the actual deal, he was trying to discuss delivering the referendum result.

Soon Mr Morgan was imagining himself and Lord Alan on a road trip to Brussels to negotiate in place of the prime minister.

The TV host proclaimed:

I guarantee we would have got a better deal than the one we’ve currently got.

While Lord Sugar arguably fared slightly better in this bizarre exchange, his comments on Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party were fairly excruciating.

He threatened to leave the country if "communist" Corbyn was to become Prime Minister, literally citing "80 percent of my income being taken by this red fellow" as the only reason why Piers should also consider it.

The businessman also praised himself on his political foresight, saying "I've become like the Pied Piper" leading the "whole group of businessmen" who allegedly say they'll leave too.

It's worth remembering that the Pied Piper led an infestation of rats from the town of Hamelin.

If the stimulating political debate wasn't enough for viewers, the businessman also treated them to a Punch and Judy-esque segment involving a Piers Morgan puppet.

This sums it all up pretty conclusively.

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