Piers Morgan accused of mocking Chinese accent and language live on air

Piers Morgan accused of mocking Chinese accent and language live on air

Piers Morgan is no stranger to controversy.

Day after day, we see the Good Morning Britain host get himself into all kinds of arguments on topics ranging from veganism to the Royal family.

Today the presenter was in a rant about Princess Anne's son Peter Phillips doing an advert for a Chinese dairy farm, when he said the name of the farm was "ching chong ching".

He said:

I like Peter Phillips, I met him at a lunch last year, but that is not a good look for the Royals. Flogging Chinese State owned milk – it’s a state owned dairy farm.

The big question for Meghan and Harry in their brave new world where they think it’s going to be ethical and lovely but people are going to be chucking millions at them like Peter Phillips because he’s Royal.

Oh Peter for God’s sake man. This is the problem – people want association with the Royals, they want to exploit them. He should be flogging milk made here.

Then he took things even further, saying:

What's the name of it? Ching chong ching?

Morgan’s co-host Susanna Reid obviously noticed that it’s not OK to mock a foreign language or accent, saying:

Taking the Mickey out of foreign languages is rather 1970s.

He responded by saying he was merely “mimicking” it.

On Twitter, people weren’t happy that Morgan appeared to be mocking the Chinese accent and dialect. Footballer and anti-racism campaigner John Barnes called him out and accused him of "white privilege".

Morgan responded by saying that he wasn't mocking Chinese people.

Alrighty then.

HT: The Sun

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