Piers Morgan's attempt to get revenge on Ewan McGregor is failing miserably

The Piers Morgan / Ewan McGregor spat continues to spiral - and now Piers has brought Star Wars into it. Big mistake.

Here's a quick recap of Morgan vs. McGregor...

It all began during the Women's March, a global movement of more than 4 million people standing up for human rights.

Piers, for reasons unbeknownst to anyone except himself, decided to go on a Twitter rampage...

Many online took issue with Morgan's trolling.

Things got a little awkward, however, when Susanna Reid waded in...

Co-presenter of the ITV breakfast programme Good Morning Britain with Morgan, journalist Reid felt the need to point the obvious out.

Next thing you know, Obi-Wan Kenobi was somehow involved.

Actor Ewan Mcgregor, who played the young Jedi in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, tweeted this message:

According to Morgan's Daily Mailcolumn, McGregor arrived with "a large Hollywood-style entourage" at the ITV studios in London for an interview, apparently without realising that Morgan would be involved.

McGregor reportedly refused to do the interview unless Morgan was removed, and subsequently left the building, tweeting as he went.

Morgan was quickly ready with a response.

...Along with his aforementioned acerbic column, entitled: “Women's rights hero Ewan McGregor is a child rapist loving hypocrite who hates free speech”, referring to McGregor's support of Roman Polanski.

Then things took a turn for the bizarre...

Just to clarify, the first film of the Star Wars franchise (now called Episode IV: A New Hope)was released in 1977.

McGregor didn't actually even join the franchise until the prequels in 1999... So some people have been quick to mock.

All hail, the omniscient Nostradamus.

The end.

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