Susanna Reid shuts down Piers Morgan over his ridiculous 'Men's March'

Susanna Reid shuts down Piers Morgan over his ridiculous 'Men's March'

The Women's Marches saw more than 2.5 million people from all over the world come together in solidarity.

Both men AND women marched for human rights, respect for immigrants, racial equality and gender equality.

But because the marches were primarily organised by women, as a response to the incredibly worrying and scary misogyny espoused by Donald Trump in the past, some people felt the need to misinterpret the marches as exclusively feminist or even 'anti-male'.

For example, Piers Morgan.

Who, for some reason, feels entitled to criticise any manifestation of feminism he chooses.

Just look at his offensive and hilariously misguided tweet this morning...

I think we can all agree that he utterly missed the point.

And he forgot something really, really important.

Enter his co-worker, Susanna Reid. Journalist, broadcaster, and co-presenter of the ITV breakfast programme Good Morning Britain.

Guess who she sits next to three mornings a week?

Yep, Piers Morgan.

His somewhat weak response as follows...

We know who ISN'T marching in the 100,000 strong demonstration in London today.

Someone who's spent the entire day on Twitter, it seems, indulging in petty comebacks and spewing unpleasantness...


From all of us.


For all out sanity.

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