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Today sees the Women's March on Washington, potentially the biggest inauguration-related protest in history.

The movement began with just a single Facebook page after the election of Donald Trump, and grew into a force to be reckoned with.

An expected quarter of a million protestors will march on Washington D.C. today - but that's not all...

Altogether more than a million people around the world in over 60 countries, from Australia to Antarctica, are participating in so-called Sister Marches, showing global solidarity and campaigning for gender equality in their own countries.

They will march for human rights, for women's rights, immigration rights, abortion / reproductive rights and equality.

They march against hate, sexism, gender violence, misogyny, institutionalised patriarchy, racism, Islamophobia, transphobia and homophobia.

Don't be fooled - it's not a straightforward anti-Trump protest.

Rather, the Women's March is harnessing the outrage provoked by Trump's more disgraceful misogyny and anti-minority rhetoric to unleash a global wave of female empowerment, and to show a united international stand for human rights.

The Independent will be running a liveblogof global events all day as the marches unfold, but let's have a look at some incredible scenes so far...

The US

Flights to Washington D.C. from all over America are filled with marchers.

Many wearing pink 'pussy' hats - referring to Trump's infamous admittance of sexual assault on tape.

Photos on Twitter show packed flights from every state - even Alaska

One Southwest flight even lit the cabin in pink to show support...


Cross-border solidarity between Texas and Mexico as women from each side braid their hair together.


On board an expedition ship in Antarctica, Linda Zumas and her fellow demonstrators (i.e. guests and staff onboard) will march around the deck.

They can't have it on the actual shore due to "environmental sensitivity", but they were not to be deterred.

The area where they'll be docked has a population of a few hundreds penguins, some seals and the odd whale.


The Women's March on London is set to start at midday in Grosvenor Square, ending with a rally in Trafalgar.

The Facebook event suggests around 40,000 people will attend.

Of course, Piers Morgan had something to say...



New Zealand

Some absolutely fantastic scenes coming from the Southern hemisphere...


The Sydney march, which has already taken place due to time difference, and was the biggest feminist march in a generation...


And from Rome...


Keeping things nice and local with bit of Scottish slang...


Keep an eye on the live coverage today as things develop around the world.

Today, women will make history.




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