Piers Morgan branded a ‘liar and a disgrace’ for his comments about the Meghan and Harry interview

Piers Morgan branded a ‘liar and a disgrace’ for his comments about the Meghan and Harry interview

If you’ve spent so much as a minute on the internet today have probably noticed that Piers Morgan is airing his feelings about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Jaw-dropping revelations were made throughout, including the Palace revoking their security in a time of crisis and Meghan’s requests for mental health assistance rejected by upper staff members.

Good Morning Britain naturally dug their teeth into the wealth of material, with Piers using every opportunity to denounce the serious claims made by the couple. 

In one segment he faces author and women’s rights activist Dr. Shola Mos Shogbamimu, a commentator he has butted heads with previously. She refutes his statements that much of the couple’s claims are rooted in “race-baiting”.

“Every rant you’ve just given in the last’re such a liar and a disgrace.”

He speaks over her several times, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

“Let me finish. You bring up coverage about Meghan and Harry on their wedding day and their engagement, but conveniently forget to show the coverage before they got engaged - between the engagement and the marriage. You conveniently forget that Prince Harry in November 2016 talked about the racist undertones of the media. You conveniently forget all of that to paint this picture that all was rosy and hunky-dory - nonsense!”

The footage was originally posted to GMB’s official Twitter account but has since disappeared.

Piers hasn’t stopped talking about Meghan Markle this week to a degree some are considering to be “obsessive”.

One Twitter user counted that he had tweeted about her 57 times in the 10 days preceding the interview, with masses more incoming today.

Dr. Mos Shogbamimu was one of a long list of commentators Piers dismissed.

He spent much of this morning’s show shouting down any Black voices that disagreed with him. This practice wasn’t even off-limits to his own colleagues, where he is seen to be doing the same to GMB’s North America Correspondent Noel Phillips.

Trisha Goddard was also on the receiving end of his vitriol, despite having recently appeared as an interview subject for Piers Morgan’s Life Stories last month. “Why is everybody else such an expert about racism against Black people?” she asked.

“I’m sorry Piers - you don’t get to call out what is and isn’t racism”.

His approach to Meghan confiding in Oprah about her mental health struggles was less than compassionate. Some viewers are calling out his employer ITV, given their widely publicised positive approach to mental health and the fact they are responsible for airing the interview to UK audiences tonight.

It has even lead to a campaign for Ofcom to take action against Good Morning Britain.

Oprah with Meghan and Harry airs at 9pm tonight on ITV and ITV Player.

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