Piers Morgan’s creepy comments to colleague’s outfit sparks social media storm

Piers Morgan’s creepy comments to colleague’s outfit sparks social media storm

Piers Morgan has come under fire from social media users for his “sexist” treatment of his Good Morning Britain colleague Charlotte Hawkins.

This is the latest criticism Morgan has faced, following from being called out by his colleagues, interviewees and wider society for his recent on-air conduct. While this nothing new to the controversial anchor but it has been ramped up after Meghan Markle’s interview with Oprah.

These new claims come from a video currently doing the rounds on Twitter posted by Chris Rickett, Head of Video at the Metro, which shows Piers Morgan saying “his eyes were slightly distracted” by the outfit of Charlotte Hawkins, who is sitting next to the breakfast TV anchor.

“The first sign of summer traditionally at Good Morning Britain has always been Charlotte Hawkins arriving in a mini skirt at work”, Morgan said to the camera, and then proceeds to push Hawkins to stand up and show her dress,

“I don’t know why you’re getting so over-excited about the fact that I’m wearing a dress.” she replied, showing off her perfectly normal dress to the cameras, “Breaking news, I have a dress on,” she says drily, sitting back down.

“Don’t you look fabulous” Susanna Reid announced exasperated while Morgan tried to defend himself.

“I like to think there are more important matters,” Hawkins said in response to Morgan’s defence.

Twitter however was not amused by this demand for Hawkins to twirl her green and blue dress for the cameras.

He has been called a “p***k” and highlighted the misogyny in the demand.

Others pointed out the uncomfortable body language of his two female co-workers

Others have wondered how he manages to get away with acting like this without any consequences from the higher ups.

Others pointed out the similarities between her response and victims of sexual harassment.

Others pointed out that this was especially atrocious as yesterday was International Women’s Day

Other people called for him to be sacked from the ITV flagship breakfast talk show.

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