Sadiq Khan is allowing a giant baby Trump to fly over London and Piers Morgan is furious

Sadiq Khan is allowing a giant baby Trump to fly over London and Piers Morgan is furious

Piers Morgan and Sadiq Khan have come head-to-head over the giant, angry and orange Donald Trump baby balloon set to grace London's skies during the president's visit to the UK.

The London mayor recently gave the nod for anti-Trump protestors to fly the balloon showing the president in a nappy.

But Piers Morgan is not pleased, and asked Khan to justify his decision on Good Morning Britain.

Khan explained that he was protecting freedom to protest:

My point about anybody whether president Trump or any world leader, is just because they might find it objectionable to be ridiculed we can’t curtail our right to a protest.

Morgan pressed Khan again:

My point is you’ve endorsed this to be flying at Parliament.

So the images that will go around the world on Trump’s visit, which is a very important visit for this country as we come through Brexit - we are going to need a good trade deal with America, he’s signalled he’s prepared to give us one - and the image that will go around the world we know is going to be him in a nappy as a baby.

Morgan accused Khan of "hypocrisy", saying he would not allow a similar blimp of a "topless" Hillary Clinton or "a giant, 20 foot, black baby" of Barack Obama "topless in a nappy" to be flown during an official visit.

Still not done listing off alternative offensive balloons, Morgan even challenged Khan on whether he would allow a depiction of him as a pig.

Would you have endorsed an image of you as a pig which is very offensive to Muslims?

Khan said it's not for him "to choose what's in good taste".

The mayor continually insisted that his decision was about free speech, and that it's not for him to censor. He said his only concern is "asking whether it's peaceful and if it's safe".

As the interview became more heated, Khan hit back at Morgan, saying:

You know better than that, you're a journalist, you used to be an editor.

Later on, he added:

I'm not sure why you are putting aside your long-held views because the guy happens to be your best mate.

It's a slippery slope.

The blimp will be hoisted in the sky for Trump's visit on 13 July.

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