How a plane crash survivor managed to escape a cockpit fire at 1000ft in the air

How a plane crash survivor managed to escape a cockpit fire at 1000ft in the air
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A man has shared his incredible story of how he was able to survive when his plane caught fire in the cockpit while he was flying.

Jamie Hull, a former British serviceman, decided to take some flying lessons with an instructor because he used to watch the planes at Luton Airport come and go when he was younger.

He was clocking solo flight time at this point, however one solo trip would prove to be life-changing when mid-flight Hull noticed at 1000 feet that there was a "thin streak of yellow-orange flame" on one side of the aircraft.

Quickly, Hull ascertained the flames were beginning to engulf the plane as it reached his feet in the cockpit.

"I thought immediately, Christ this is no drill. This is for real, this is an emergency," Hull toldUNILAD when recollecting his initial thoughts on this fateful day.

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He was left with limited options of how to get out of the aircraft since there was no parachute to help Hull if he jumped out because "you don't wear a parachute in a light aircraft."

The former serviceman explained how he was "under no illusion that if I didn't get out of that burning cockpit quickly that the likelihood was I wasn't going to make it."

Luckily, Hull remembered a crucial lesson from his flying instructor on what to do in these kinds of emergency scenarios, which was to lower the plane so that when he jumped out, Hull had a chance of survival.

As the flames encroached further - up to his chin at this rate - Hull slowed down, lowered the plane and opened the door in preparation to jump.

Climbing out onto the wing of the plane, Hull bravely jumped from a height of around 15 feet before smacking to the ground as he hurt his face on what he described as "sharp Florida razor grass" and had to pat the flames out that remained on him, meanwhile the plane also crash to the ground and exploded.

As a result of the fire, Hull suffered from 63 per cent third-degree burns on his body.

Miraculously, despite only being given a 5 per cent chance of surviving his injuries, Hull remarkably defied these odds and now is able to share his remarkable story.

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