Women are making sure that man who admitted to harassing them outside a Planned Parenthood clinic is feeling the backlash online.

According to a Facebook group, the man called Jordan Hart has been taking pictures of women's license plates as they drove in and out of a local Planned Parenthood clinic in Tucson, Arizona. He would then claim to use this information to go to their home and "educate" them about abortion. Yes, really.

After the police failed to act on several complaints, the Facebook group took it upon themselves to warn others while simultaneously outing the perpetrator. Alongside a picture of Hart, the post read:

This man's name is Jordan. He is taking photos of license plates and photos of people entering and exiting planned parenthood in Tuscon, Arizona. According to him, he is going to use that information to go to people's homes to "educate them" on abortion. 

According to Tucson PD this is a non-issue and there is nothing THEY can do about it until it's essentially too late. 

So I'm giving a PSA to anyone in the Tucson area who goes to planned parenthood to keep an eye out for him. He has openly admitted his intention to criminally harass, stalk and intimidate people.

Keep yourselves safe and keep an eye out for this guy following you or photographing you and your vehicle.

Shockingly, Hart responded to the post, saying he would make his own page in which he will post the pictures to "hopefully identify some of these people". He wrote:

I'm also making a page, I've recently been taking pictures of everyone's license plate who enters the facility, hopefully, we can identify some of these people and visit the homes to help bring awareness and truth about abortion.

You guys want to keep getting violent with me I would tell you that that is a very bad idea, the police will be there, and they are completely okay with my protest and they are completely okay with me taking pictures of individuals or vehicles. They are not okay with any violence against me. So if any of you want to take it a level above what I'm doing, you can absolutely go for it. I would love to see some Molotov cocktails

But women decided to ignore these hateful words and, instead, responded with their positive experiences with Planned Parenthood, noting that not all women got to these clinics to get abortions. One woman wrote that the clinic helped her discover her severe hormonal disorder, while another woman said she was thankful to them for diagnosing her cervical cancer. Finally, some women even donated to Planned Parenthood in Hart's name.

Talk about the best kind of revenge.

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