Playboy model abused by white men for her dating choices

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Holly Wolf is a Playboy model. She also receives verbal abuse and threats for her dating choices.

Wolf, 29, says she’s only ever been attracted to Asian men – prompting other men to, er, tell her what her type really is.

She told the Daily Mail:

I dated a few Asian dancer friends of mine, and then it kind of just all went from there, I solely find [Asians] much more attractive than white guys.

I've had situations where white guys have recognised me from modelling and have tried asking me on a date.

They can be really persistent until I literally have had to say, 'Look, you're not my type. I like Asian guys, don't even try.' They get so angry at me. So angry.

She continued.

People hate. That's the thing, especially white guys. They get so angry. I've had people just call me all sorts of names after rejecting them.

They just get so angry to the point where they'd call me a w**** and a s*** and, 'Oh, I didn't like you anyway.

She recently got engaged to JR Gallarzxa, who’s a basketball star in Canada, where the couple live.

Wolf added.

Racism is still really prevalent which I find just shocking considering how global we all are now. I just wish people would accept each other for who they are underneath.

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