Prime Minister's Questions was surprisingly civilised and people don't know what to think

Jeremy Corbyn attended his first Prime Minister's Questions as leader of the opposition on Wednesday - and many of us were anxious about what would happen.

Imagine the nation's surprise, then, when the weekly session turned out to be a pretty civilised and reasonable affair.

Several important issues were covered - from Isis and the housing shortage to, umm, DVD cases in Corby, and the Isle of Wight zoo trying to get a new tiger.

'#newpolitics' started trending on Twitter as the remarkably civil half hour of questioning unfolded.

Despite the lack of soundbites and gaffes, it appears many people were paying attention.

Several noted that Corbyn's tactic of asking questions submitted by members of the public was an effective way of challenging the prime minister to defend government policy.

Even if he didn't follow up on as many of Cameron's points as he should have.

Dare we say that... the JC vs DC showdown might have been a bit dull?

Stay tuned, sports fans. There'll be more where that came from next week.

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