Police are investigating after an effigy of Greta Thunberg was seen hanging from a noose over a bridge in Rome.

The effigy had two pigtails, the young climate change activist's most recognisable feature, and a sign reading "Greta is your God" was also attached.

The Mayor of Rome, Virginia Raggi, responded to the incident on Twitter statement, saying:

Shameful the effigy of @GretaThunberg found hanging from a bridge in our city.

Raggi tweeted in Italian, but according to a translation the tweet reads:

To her and her family, my solidarity and that of the whole @Rome. Our climate commitment does not stop.

Other Italian government ministers have also voiced their opposition at the act, with environment minister Sergio Costa branding it "unacceptable". Nicola Zingaretti, leader of Italy's Democratic Party, tweeted:

We strongly condemn this gesture from those who do not respect ideas they do not agree with.

The effigy appeared as Extinction Rebellion protests took place in Rome on Monday, urging the Italian government to do more to reverse the effects of global warming.

Thunberg has not yet addressed the effigy, but has shown her support towards the global XR protests emerging in numerous countries around the world.

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