Police kettle giant pink octopus in bizarre Extinction Rebellion protest scenes

Police have been spotted marching a giant pink octopus to Trafalgar Square from Whitehall.

This comes as hundreds of thousands take to the streets as part of Extinction Rebellion’s third day of protests in central London as activists demand the government tackles the climate crisis.

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It appears to many on-lookers that the giant fish has been “kettled” by law enforcement – a controversial technique used to contain a protest.

A clip of police escorting the octopus made its way online, and it’s become a bit of Twitter hero.

The clip, by journalist Liam O'Hare is making the rounds for, well obvious reasons.

Before long, the jokes started

Almost 600 protesters from the group were arrested on Monday and Tuesday, while prime minister Boris Johnson mocked activists as “unco-operative crusties”. There was even a pun about that.

It was eventually spotted safe and sound in Trafalgar Square

Police officers yesterday handed out notices across Westminster, where campaigners kept an overnight vigil, in an attempt to reduce the disruption in the capital and concentrate the action on one area.

However, protesters glued themselves to the Department for Transport building and to the underside of a lorry outside the Home Office in defiance of the notices.

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