Police make public plea to return wedding album, turns out couple are divorced

Kiara Keane@kiarakeane
Thursday 22 September 2016 14:15
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A social media appeal to reunite a couple with their lost wedding album backfired terribly when it turned out they definitely didn't want it back.

An elderly man found the album dumped in a bin and, worried it had been stolen, handed it into police in West Yorkshire's Kirklees Rural branch.

So the police set out to track down the owners by launching a Twitter appeal.

They shared some of the photos to see if anyone recognised the couple:

(Twitter/Kirklees Rural)

Some people were sceptical from the beginning:

The police soon tracked down the album's rightful owners thanks to the power of social media - and that's when things got awkward.

It seems that people may have been right about the unhappy ending because the couple didn't want their wedding album back.

Well, they tried their best...