Following the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, a journalist has been detailing the National Rifle Association funding of politicians who have expressed sympathy for the victims and relatives.

Igor Volsky is a director of video and contributing editor at ThinkProgress, who after the deaths of 14 people, began drawing attention to politicians who were tweeting that those affected were in their “thoughts and prayers”.

Then he started looking at voting records and previous policy, pointing out what he saw as hypocrisy in the sentiments of those who opposed gun reform.

Finally, Volsky hit upon a winning formula by simply detailing the politicians’ funding from the NRA, who vehemently oppose restrictions on gun sales, in recent election cycles.

As Volsky noted in a tweet, his point about politicians saying one thing and voting consistently for another has been echoed by the front page of the New York Daily News, which is in a similar vein.

(Picture: New York Daily News)

Volsky's tweets gathered a significant following during the day in which 14 were killed in San Bernardino.

The shooting represented the 352nd mass shooting of the calendar year in the United States.

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