On Wednesday, MPs voted to join a US-led coalition launching air strikes against Isis in Syria.

The government motion passed by 397 votes to 223 in the Commons, and you can browse to see if your MP voted ‘aye’ or ‘no’ in our interactive map.

Prior to the vote, YouGov daily polled users to ask them “If there is a vote to proceed with military action in Syria, do you think as a consequence that in three years' time you will feel safer or less safe from terrorism?”

The results showed that 34 per cent of people said they'd feel less safe from a terror attack, compared to just 14 per cent who said they'd feel more safe. 43 per cent reported they would feel no difference.

YouGov also asked whether respondents thought it was right that the issue would be debated and voted upon, something which the vast majority (86 per cent) supported. Under British law, the prime minister didn't actually need a parlimentary vote to go ahead with air strikes in Syria.

The Aye and No votes by party for bombing Syria were as follows:

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