Comparing the differences between British and American English phrases can be really confusing, and sometimes it’s easy to get lost in translation.

But Pop-Tarts, the company that makes colourful and sweet toaster pastries, got it hilariously wrong on Friday evening when they put out a tweet on their American account saying:

I like my tarts where I like my money. Right in my fanny.

It is safe to assume that the company was most likely referring to the American translation of a “fanny pack”, which translated into British English, would simply mean “bum bag”. Here is The Rock sporting one in a now-famous meme as an example.

But “fanny” in British English is something a lot different and has nothing to do with a bag...

Queue the ever so subtle hints.

Get it?

So it's only understandable that British Twitter was appalled, reacting with some hilarious memes.

Things escalated pretty quickly, with other brands tuning in to make for a must-read thread.

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