The 7 biggest differences between Christmas in the UK and America

Getty / Britney Spears

As has been proven time and time again there are a number of differences between America and Britain.

This is no more evident than at Christmas.

In America, Christmas is a huge event which everyone seems to be fully invested in.

Meanwhile, in the UK some people prefer to go down the Ebenezer Scrooge route of 'bah humbug!'

To demonstrate how vast these differences are here are a few examples.

1. Town Christmas trees

Let's start with this Christmas tree in Grimsby.

While this is a tree in America:

2. Home Christmas trees

Although most people's Christmas trees tend to be quite nice, this is a very common and depressing sight after New Year's Day.

Check out Britney's huge tree in comparison.

3. Turning on Christmas lights

In Britain, we get people like Piers Morgan to turn on the town lights - it doesn't always go very well.

Once again, New York manages to completely show us up by having a full-blown concert for their lights.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 2022 New

4. A white Christmas

The UK version:

The American version:

5. Father Christmas

You would think Father Christmas would be the same on both sides of the Atlantic. Sadly not.

Here are a couple of regular Santas you will likely see on a British high street in December.

And here is Santa in America.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade New York City - Singing Christmas Tree and Santa Claus - Nov 24,

6. Politicians

Here is British prime minister Rishi Sunak, asking a homeless man at Christmas why he doesn't have a job.

Meanwhile, here is American President Joe Biden delivering a thoughtful and heartfelt message about the importance of family at Christmas.

7. House lights

Most house lights in Britain tend to be minor affairs, spreading a small amount of cheer around the neighbourhood.

In America, they are a full-on sensory experience.

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