It's Brexit Britain and Poundland now sells things for more than a pound

Poundland has announced that it is selling some of its products for more than one pound.

Some customers have expressed their concerns. Bryan Roberts took to Twitter this week after seeing a sign in a shop window:

The announcement comes after the pound drops below $1.23 against the dollar - reaching a historic low after Brexit.

Fellow shopper Steve Dresser posted a picture online which showed a Poundland shelf labelled with prices of up to £7.

However, pouring cold water on Brexit concerns, a Poundland spokesperson told indy100:

 This is an existing project and has not been influenced by Brexit. The products Poundland is selling for more than a £1 will be from the existing product range. The rationale was to bring customers more value products than is possible at the £1 price point.


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