Presenting one of the worst arguments ever against same-sex marriage. Seriously

A former minister in the Australian government broke new ground in stupidity this week when he tried to argue against the country following Ireland's lead and holding a referendum on gay marriage.

Speaking on Sky News Australia on Monday, Grahame Morris, the former chief of staff for prime minister John Howard, said:

Now I love the Irish, the parliament is full of Irish men but these are people who can’t grow potatoes, they’ve got a mutant lawn weed as their national symbol and they can’t verbalise the difference between tree and the number three. But, and then all of a sudden, Australia has to follow suit.

We'll just let that sink in...

Morris then went on to claim that Australians were not ready for a referendum on same-sex marriage as the issue was too divisive.

You run around Queensland, the Bush, and most of Western Australia and you can see people aren’t ready. This vote is going to be divisive and I don’t think most of the parties in parliament are ready to change. It isn’t a life and death decision.

This is despite a poll by Australian Marriage Equality last year demonstrating record high support for gay marriage in Australia (72 per cent), compared to an ever-shrinking 21 per cent opposed.

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