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Just in case Trump were to leave office any time soon, here’s a list of his successors, as outlined in The Succession Act 1947.

Obviously, Trump's presidency is going really, really smoothly with absolutely no troubles.

That Iran nuclear deal looks to have been a top bit of business from the POTUS, ish, but that FBI investigation isn't exactly going away.

Whether Trump will get impeached remains to be seen - but no one was ever hurt by thinking hypothetically.

Should Trump get the boot we would be faced with Vice President Mike Pence (and his rabbit) in the Oval Office.

Arrangements handling any further than that have changed over time – and throughout US history, the line of succession has never gone further than the vice president.

That being said only two Presidents have ever been successfully impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both of which were acquitted of the charges held against them by a Senate trial.

While Richard Nixon was also impeached, hechose to resign rather than face the charges.

Anyway, should we reach this scenario with Trump, here is the current list, in order, of the people that will succeed him.

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