People waiting outside non-essential businesses, that are reopening again today after being closed for months because of lockdown, may have a long wait on their hands.

Footage from Oxford Street in London this morning shows long queues of people outside of clothing and homeware retailer Primark.

Someone even seemed to show up in a Hazmat suit, which just demonstrates that people have really gotten bored in lockdown - even the thought of Oxford Street on a weekday isn’t intimidating anymore even if they are being extra cautious.

Today, Primark is opening all 153 of its stores across the UK. Primark doesn't have an online store, so there may be some demand for cheap homeware and clothes that people may not have been able to get elsewhere over the last couple of months.

Primark has put protocols in place to ensure social distancing, such as arrows and cordons outside the store.

They’ve said that basket handles will be cleaned after every use and that every second till will be closed in order to make sure that people can maintain social distancing inside the store too.

It would seem that people have been queueing up since 7.45 or 8 am in the morning, and waiting for two or three hours just to enter the store.

People on Twitter sent their best wishes to Primark employees.

Others have asked why Primark is opening but people still can’t see their parents or get a haircut just yet.

This isn’t just the case in London – footage shows a queue of over thirty people outside Primark in Bristol and Sports Direct in Stockport, even before the doors opened.

Elsewhere people have been posting fake video clips ‘from Primark’ which show people going through a station barrier.

Primark and Sports Direct aren't the only major retailers that are opening their doors for the first time in months this morning. Stores like John Lewis, Top Shop, Debenhams, Waterstones and the beauty counter at Boots will all be open as normal, with the proper safety regulations in place.

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