There's something very, very wrong with this reindeer jumper

LW Plymouth Herald / SWNS Media

A primary school has apologised after accidentally ruining the most wholesome time of the year.

Hyde Park Junior School in Plymouth sent a letter to pupils and parents encouraging them to "jazz up their uniforms" for a charity Christmas jumper day.

But the jumper they included in the newsletter showed the wrong sort of merriment, featuring a festive pattern of reindeers appearing to mate.

Picture: Picture: LW Plymouth Herald / SWNS Media

Here's a closer look at that naughty jumper design in the newsletter...

Picture:Picture: LW Plymouth Herald / SWNS Media 

The 360-pupil school have now removed the newsletter from their website after it went up on Monday.

Headteacher Tina Jackson said:

Unfortunately we didn’t look closely enough at the picture we used to show our support for ‘Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Friday

We’re sorry if it has offended anyone and hope it doesn’t spoil our good intention of encouraging pupils to support a very worthy cause.”

One parent reportedly said:

I'm a bit shocked that a primary school have sent out a newsletter with an inappropriate picture. Something to make you laugh?

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