Prince Harry lookalike says work has totally dried up because of 'Megxit'

Prince Harry lookalike says work has totally dried up because of 'Megxit'
Prince Harry lookalike Henry Morely is struggling to get work. Matthew Hicks (pictured above) is another well known Prince Harry impersonator. (GETTY)

It seems that the economic difficulties of the current climate aren’t just impacting people with ‘normal' jobs.

A Prince Harry lookalike, who says he used to make thousands a week, claims he hasn’t had a single booking since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they were stepping back as “senior” royals and moving to North America earlier this year.

Henry Morely, 31, from Yorkshire, told the Metro that strangers started saying how much he looks like prince harry when he was 18. And he even calls himself the “Prince Harry of the north”.

Morley tells the Metro he used to earn £2,500 a week impersonating as the prince at nightclubs and private parties. But recently, no one has expressed interest in a Harry lookalike, he said:

A lot of businesses don’t want to use Harry and Meghan to promote themselves because they think they’ve abandoned their country.

I think whether business picks up again will depend on what Harry and Meghan do with their careers.

If he’s going to stay out of the public eye, then that’s my career over.

I’m hoping he and Meghan might become stars in their own right in America, but more like Hollywood celebrities rather than royals.

It might be a bit harsh to blame the decline in business on “Megxit”. After all, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and gatherings have been banned for huge parts of the year.

But Morely did say his career peaked around the time of Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding, when he was paid up to £1,500 per appearance to pose as Prince Harry. Since then he’s appeared with over 10 different Meghan lookalikes, but the public mood has now changed.

Only time will tell whether business will pick up again.

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