Pro-Hitler account was 'paid $3,000 by X/Twitter in ad revenue sharing'

Pro-Hitler account was 'paid $3,000 by X/Twitter in ad revenue sharing'

Pro-Hitler account was paid $3,000 by X/Twitter in ad revenue sharing

The Verge

A pro-Hitler, antisemitic and anti-vax Twitter/X account has reportedly revealed that they have been paid $3,000 this year through the social media's ad revenue program.

A verified account with the user name @bambkb shared that they had been paid $3,000 by the platform. Media Mattersfound the numerous advertisements for companies appeared on the account, including major sports books BetMGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Linda Yaccarino, who became the CEO of X Corp. and Twitter in May, has been trying to bring advertisers back to the platform since Musk's takeover that caused a lot of companies to stop advertising.

In September, Yaccarino said X has an "absolute commitment to combating antisemitism on the platform".

Last week, the account complained about only being paid $90 in ad revenue share, showing that it used to get $500-600.

The account has reached millions of users with tweets saying things such as "Have you realised that many of Hitler's speeches have no subtitles? Why don't they want people to see what he was saying?"

They continue: "Personally, I think that the same people Hitler was fighting, are the same people that are trying to control the world today." A common antisemitic trope.

The account also claimed that people "have been deceived about [Hitler] a LOT!!!"

Holocaust denial is also frequently promoted by the account and seen by tens of thousands of users, according to X/Twitter's metrics.

Indy100 has reached out to Twitter/X for comment.

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