For those of you that harbour deep rooted, inexplicable fears of serpents, take caution these pictures will make your skin crawl.

A farm in Western Australia captured unbelievable images of an enormous python trying to swallow an even bigger python. Yes, this is not a joke.

Apparently, the almost 4-meter long snake wasn't digesting very well, causing it to subsequently regurgitate the other snake. Feeling a little queasy yet?

Parry Creek Farm Tourist Resort and Caravan Park posted the incredible pictures on Facebook, saying:

This beauty was at our house this morning. 

We relocate these big guys so they don't eat our chooks [chickens]. We saw he'd had a good feed of something (yes we counted the chooks it wasn't one of them) and safely bagged him.

Once he was out of the bag he started to regurgitate, that's when we saw the tail! Thinking it was a black whip snake - WOW were we wrong!

It all happened very quick and he was off again safe and sound. Sadly he lost his lunch but we hope he grabs something else and the birds get his left overs.

The post has since gone viral, for understandable reasons. Firstly - it involves an absolutely gargantuan snake that gulped down another massive snake, we have seen pictures of pythons eating rats, frogs and even bigger animals like leopards. But THIS is a new form of python-ception But also, perhaps most crucially, we've been introduced to the world 'chooks' as a slang terms for chickens..

Bon Appetit!

HT Metro

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