Former QAnon follower apologises to CNN host who he thought was a robot that ‘ate babies’

Former QAnon follower apologises to CNN host who he thought was a robot that ‘ate babies’

The baseless QAnon conspiracy theory and its followers have gained more and more attention in recent months as more of their bizarre claims come to light thanks to their involvement in the Trump riots at the US Capitol building.

Although there would still appear to be a strong core of followers in the cult, more and more members appear to be dropping out and leaving their beliefs behind.

One of these people is a man called Jitarth Jadeja, who spoke to one of the prime targets of QAnon, CNN’s Anderson Cooper. In a preview of their interview which is due to be aired in full on Saturday night, Cooper explained that the special report is “something of a personal project" due to being one of the prominent figures harassed by the group. Other notable names include Chrissy Teigen, Stephen Colbert, Alec Baldwin and Eminem. 

In a brief clip from the interview Jadeja, an Australian man who used to live in New York City explained that he was enthralled by the conspiracy, led by the mysterious Q character, until 2019 when he watched a video which completely debunked all of the cults wild theories including the belief that leading Democrats are ‘Satanists that drink the blood of children.’

Cooper asked Jadeja if he actually believed that the CNN host, who has worked on the network since 2001, could do something that horrific. Jadeja said he did and immediately said sorry. “Anderson, I thought you did that and I would like to apologise for that right now, so I apologize for thinking that you ate babies. But, yeah, 100 per cent.”

A stunned Cooper questioned why Jadeja thought that. The ex-QAnon man explained that it was because Q mentioned Cooper specifically and had gone into details about the journalist’s family, adding that many of the followers still believe the theories about Cooper to this day.

In another twist, Jadeja revealed that he and others actually believed that Cooper was a robot. "Some people thought you were a robot," he said before adding, “I didn’t just believe that. I at one stage believed that QAnon was part of military intelligence, which is what he says but on top of that, that the people behind him actually a group of fifth dimensional intra-dimensional extra terrestrial aliens called blue aliens.”

The clip concludes with Jadeja admitting that he had tumbled way too far down the QAnon black hole and appears to be relieved that he is no longer involved.

Ex-followers of QAnon are starting to come forward or denounce their former beliefs. After the inauguration of Joe Biden saw none of Q’s prophecies come true, members of QAnon forums expressed their dismay and fear that they had been duped. A viral Reddit thread also saw on ex-follower explain what made him quit after he realised that nothing that Q was saying actually made any sense. 

However, the theories are likely to persist as those entrenched in the cult recently started to believe that Trump will return as president on 4th March thanks to a completely archaic and absurd amendment.

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