QAnon obsessives say there's one theory too crazy even for them...

QAnon obsessives say there's one theory too crazy even for them...
QAnon Theorists Are Running For Political Office

While QAnon loves to ramble on about conspiracy theories involving Covid-19, Sandy Hook, and PizzaGate, there's apparently one topic that's so chaotic that they refuse to engage with: the theory that the Earth is flat.

Sorry, flat-Earthers, but if QAnon says you're crazy, you're out of luck finding a community that will embrace your unhinged thoughts.

For the Daily Beast's podcast "Fever Dreams," Will Sommer and Asawin Suebsaeng interviewed Kelly Weill about her new book, "Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, conspiracy culture, and why people will believe anything."

Weill explained that many of the people who join the flat-earth movement ultimately become utterly obsessed to the point where they will end up pushing people in their lives away because the hysteric group is so addictive.

Normal conversations with friends and family, for example, would quickly turn into conversations about the Earth being flat, as that's all that seems to be of interest to them.

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"I thought flat-earth was an interesting parable about how people can believe anything," Weill said. She explained that although there are some conspiracy theories that are more "reality-adjacent," the world of flat-Earthers "seemed so out there that I wanted to understand it better."

Weill also shared that it can be easy to understand how some conspiracy theories are born, as they can be rooted in someone's political beliefs, but being a flat-Earther is different.

“If that’s not a sign of the guardrails coming off, I don’t know what is,” said Weill.

"So QAnon has drawn the line at Flat Earthers. At least there's a bar now," wrote one user on Twitter.

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