Flat Earther claims that Nasa makes us believe in aliens so that we'll shoot Jesus if he returns

Flat Earther claims that Nasa makes us believe in aliens so that we'll shoot Jesus if he returns
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What if, and bear with us for a second, Nasa made us all believe in aliens so that we'd be inclined to shoot Jesus if he returned.

Not convinced? Of course not – we’ve heard some bonkers conspiracies in our time, but we have to admit that this is a new one on us.

The bizarre theory was discussed during The Qanon Anonymous Podcast, which explores and debunks all kinds of unlikely conspiracies from around the world.

And the latest is as outlandish as they come.

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Kelly Weill, a reporter at The Daily Beast, spoke about her book Off the Edge: Flat Earthers, Conspiracy Culture, and Why People Will Believe Anything on the podcast.

She also discussed attending events with flat Earthers and revealed one of the most outlandish she has ever encountered. Listen from 12.30 minutes below.

“I’ve been to flat Earth conferences and I remember this guy said he used to contract with Nasa,” she said on the show.

“He said, ‘Quite frankly I think they’re lying about the shape of the earth so that we believe in aliens so that when Jesus comes down we’ll mistake him as an alien and we’ll shoot him.’”

Yeah, we don’t even know where to start with that one.

The Flat Earth conspiracy is one of the most popular out thereNASA/Creative Commons

The flat Earth theory is one of the most famous of all, with conspiracists believing that the Earth is a flat plane rather than a spherical shape, and it’s baffled many over the years.

One person even started a campaign to raise money to send flat Earthers to space to prove to them the planet is round, while others have managed to admit that they were wrong on their own.

It comes after a resurfaced clip showed the moment a flat Earther disproved his own beliefs during an experiment.

A clip from the 2018 documentary Behind the Curve went viral on Reddit again, and it’s well worth a moment of everyone’s time.

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