QAnon conspiracists believe the White House’s green St Patrick’s Day light was a secret message

Supporters of the baseless conspiracy theory QAnon have claimed that the White House’s celebrations for St Patrick’s Day on Wednesday were a secret message for the movement.

The White House turned its fountains green and was lit up with green lights to celebrate Ireland, but QAnon conspiracists – who support an unfounded theory that former US president Donald Trump is at war with Satan-worshipping paedophiles in America’s elite – believe it was in fact a ‘go’ signal.

The American magazine Newsweek reports that one supporter wrote on Telegram: “Look what I just found. St Patrick’s day ‘coincidence’? Hmmm?”

Another pointed out that Trump Winery, owned by the politician, was running a promotion which saw customers offered a 17 percent discount on bottles, taking place on the same day that is “associated with the colour green”.

Despite green in fact being associated with Ireland and St Patrick’s Day, which takes place on 17 March, QAnon supporters also claimed the timing was connected to Q – the movement’s leader – as ‘Q’ is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

After news of the claim was shared online, Twitter users soon ridiculed the argument from QAnon conspiracists:

It isn’t the first time that an unsubstantiated prediction from the group has failed to take place.

Supporters previously claimed that Trump would be inaugurated on 4 March, citing an act signed in 1871 and arguing that the former leader would return to the White House as the 19th president.

This didn’t happen, and more than two weeks later, Joe Biden is still President of the United States.

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