Royal correspondent condemns Queen death Whatsapp hoax: 'You have let yourself down Gibbo'

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Something bizarre occurred on social media on Sunday evening, where a completely false rumour about the Queen's death went viral.

This mind-boggling story caught people's attention after a screenshot from a Whatsapp group with a 17:58 time stamp claiming that Her Majesty had passed away.

A person going by the name of Gibbo, who seems to be a member of the Guards Divison at Buckingham Palace, wrote:

Queen's passed away this morning, heart attack, being announced 930 AM tomorrow, channel dash 0800 tomorrow in full number 1s, in your black kit bag you need:

1 set of 3s

1 set of 4s

Underwear and socks for 2 weeks

Washing kit

Body washing kit

Cities fornstand down

From a guards reg WhatsApp group

The other members of the group who include Burnsy, Cheeks, Josh, Morty and Ricey wasn't convinced by this message and claimed it was a 'wind up'.

Although the identities in the WhatsApp group and how it ended up on the internet is still a mystery but it instantly became a very funny meme.

Beyond the memes, the story has become so serious that Charlie Proctor, the editor of Royal Centralhas commented on just what on Earth is going on.

In a tweet posted late on Sunday evening, Proctor dispelled the rumour and confirmed that the Queen was alive and preparing to meet world leaders at the Nato reception at Buckingham Palace on Monday.

To make things even better Proctor got involved with the Gibbo jokes. Replying to someone who had set him a Chris Eubank meme he said:

Accurate. You have let yourself down Gibbo.

And the circle of life was complete, or something like that...

As an aside, Proctor revealed that Trump has actually blocked him on Twitter after he called the president a 'chocolate omelette.'


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