Did Pam from Gavin & Stacey turn really racist and go on Question Time last night?


Each week Question Time – one of the BBC’s flagship political programmes – gives us an insight into what people are thinking about the topics of the week.

Though sometimes this insight is more horrifying than fascinating. One such moment occurred on this week’s show when an unnamed woman decided to give her thoughts on immigration.

The woman’s rant has gone viral because it was pretty shocking in its abandonment of facts or any façade of reason. We don’t want to amplify the video unneccessarily, but to give you a rough idea, she called for a complete closure of UK borders and said she disagrees with non-British people using the NHS.

But people have noticed something else about this woman.

Lots of people have pointed out that the lady bears a striking similarity – in looks and manner – to Pam Shipman from Gavin & Stacey. Pam is known for making some, shall we say, “un-PC” comments. But she’s generally a loveable character who’s known for being one of the heroes of the show.

Yet the resemblance is uncanny…

On Twitter, Gavin & Stacey began to trend as lots of people pointed out the similarities between the real-life woman and her fictional doppleganger.

It turns out in this case we much prefer fiction to real-life. 


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