Quiz: How well do you know Britain's accents and dialects?

From rasping Scouse to chirpy Cockney, the British Isles have an amazing array of accents and dialects for such a small set of islands.

In fact, research suggests there are 56 different regional twangs from across the UK, but, with ever closer communication, our voices are becoming more and more homogenised.

As teams of dedicated linguists fighting against the loss of our geographically-specific languages, how well do you know the dialects of our islands as things stand?

This quiz, compiled by travel website Expedia, comprises of 15 different dialects and asks if you can locate them on a map.

Click "play" below:

The Accent Map by Expedia.co.uk

So are you an "expert linguist" or a ""dialect dunce", let us know in the comments below...

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