Radio caller says gay relationships are 'unnatural' and 'sinful'. The host responded perfectly

Radio caller says gay relationships are 'unnatural' and 'sinful'. The host responded perfectly
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Northern Ireland is the only part of the UK and Ireland where LGBT+ people are still banned from getting married.

During an on-air conversation about the ban on same-sex marriage and lack of other LGBT+ rights, a caller from Londonderry described gay people as “sinners” and said their relationships are “unnatural”.

The Nolan Show, on BBC Radio Ulster, opened by discussing DUP leader Arlene Foster’s recent appearance and speech at an LGBT+ event in Belfast. This was seen by many as an attempt by Foster, who opposes same-sex marriage and whose party are notoriously anti-LGBT+, to offer an olive branch to the LGBT+ community.

Presenter Stephen Nolan connected with Frieda to hear her views on the subject. She began by saying that she doesn’t think everyone should be obliged to “move into the 21st Century” and support LGBT+ rights.

We stand very firmly, not against any person, but the sin of homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, bestiality, prostitution and all sexually immoral practices. We are not homophobic.

Shocked by some of her claims, Nolan asked: “Why are you talking about bestiality when we’re talking about homosexuality?” She responded:

I’m just listing those things that are sinful in the eyes of God. We are in this world, we reach out to others and yes, homosexual people in this country.

My one aim in life is to point them to Jesus. They are people that need to acknowledge their sinful lives. It’s unnatural. They hand over the burn of lust, one to another. God says lesbian women, for example, change their natural use.

Perplexed by these extreme views, Nolan challenged the guest to comment on her sexuality on air instead, seeing as she’s so comfortable passing judgement on others. She responded that she wasn’t prepared to discuss this as she’s an “ordinary” married woman. He fired back:

But you’re prepared to talk about gay people’s sexuality. So I think it would be fair and gay people are ordinary men and women. You say gay people lust, but don’t love. Why don’t you lust?

I don’t think Frieda gets to define whether she’s homophobic. I think if you’re going to refer to same-sex relationships as being unnatural, that is a homophobic comment.

Frieda comes on regularly to tell us what the Bible thinks; the Bible condones slavery… Does she believe people should be allowed to own slaves today? Or is the reality that the Bible teaches us many important messages about how we should treat each other.

It was written at a point in time which is not reflective of the way society is today or the human rights that should exist for all people.

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