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When it comes to food, taste is very personal. One person's feast is another person's deliberate famine.

And nowhere is personal preference more prevalent than inside the crinkly bags of chopped, fried flavoured potato.

Twitter user Adam Higgins was brave enough to rank British crisps into the categories: God tier, top tier, mid tier, low tier and sh*t tier.

And the results (according to him anyway) are as follows.

God tier:

Propercorn, cool ranch Doritos, Pringles, Kettle Chips, ready salted Hoola Hoops and Pom Bears

Top tier:

Ready salted and prawn cocktail Walkers, flamin’ hot Monster Munch, Frazzles, Wotsits and nacho cheese Doritos

Mid tier:

Cheese and onion Walkers, beef Hoola Hoops, nice ‘n’ spicy Nik Naks, Quavers, cheese and onion Pringles and cheese and onion French Fries

Low tier:

Salted Mc Coys, pickled onion Monster Munch, Chipsticks, Space Raiders, Walkers Sensations and onion rings

Sh*t tier:

Salt and vinegar Walkers, Mini Cheddars, Squares, Skips, Twiglets and Wheat Crunchies.

Would you be surprised to hear that people have a lot to say about Higgins' rankings?

We're very divided when it comes to crisps.

And some went to dramatic lengths:

But Kettle Chips were chuffed:

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