This woman's explanation of what rape actually is has gone viral


In times when victims of rape and sexual assault are still blamed for drinking and dressing “provocatively,” it’s obvious that what constitutes rape can’t be explained enough.

Twitter user _clvrarose has tried to make things clearer for certain people, explaining the horrible act in a series of tweet.

She said:

If a penis is being forced into a woman’s vagina, it will hurt therefore the body will try to self-lubricate because that’s what it does.

It’s not a conscious thing, it’s literally the body’s reaction: it doesn’t mean the woman is enjoying it.

Even if it physically “feels good”, even if she has an orgasm, it doesn’t mean she wanted it or enjoyed it.

She goes on to write:

Picture:Picture: @_clvrarose

She added:

Just because they are laughing doesn’t mean they find it enjoyable, it’s just their body’s reaction, they have no real control.

Some of you really need to understand the effects and implications of what you say, it truly doesn’t make sense.

Do you know how many men and when who have been raped HATE themselves because they had an orgasm during the attack? 

Picture:Picture: @_clvrarose

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