We have all done some stupid things before but one man, who reported himself to the police for accidentally being a "pervert" has to take the biscuit.

Yes, this story is true and it's bizarre. It was also shared on the Reddit page "TIFU" or "Today I F***** Up", meaning it was bound to be stupid.

The story begins when a father of twins was told by his sons that there had been a "creepy man" sitting in a van on their school parking lot, staring at them during lunchtime.

Like any concerned parent, the father immediately called the school to take action.

Over the course of the last week my twin 7 year old sons started telling me about a creepy man who sat it the parking lot at school and stared at them.

This morning, I finally took the initiative and called the school. They assured me that the situation would be handled.

But then, the man who has been doing electrical repairs on a facility near his sons' school, realised something:

Now, here's how stupid I apparently am: I've been doing electrical repairs on a facility near my sons' school, and each day I park my work van in the school parking lot to eat lunch and use the WiFi.

I wave to my sons as they go from one building to the building housing the cafeteria for lunch

Yes, this story is about to take the twist you never expected:

If you're realising that I'm the "pervert" I reported, congratulations, you're officially sharper than me.

But unfortunately, the man only found this out the hard way, which was precisely in the moment three police cars surrounded his work van.

As it turns out, between the work van they'd never seen me in, my hardhat, and my sunglasses, the boys never realised it was me.

After about a 30 minute conversation with the police and the principal, they decided I was a harmless moron and decided to let me go. I was, however, asked not to park my van there for lunch anymore.

In a hilarious but also bizarre way, he truly managed to call the police on himself.

The full story can be read here.

It's safe to say that people were just as baffled as we were.

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This must probably be the least relatable parenting mishap to have ever existed on the internet.

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