Image​s and vide​os have​ surface​d of refugees who appear to be stuck between Turkey and Greece.

Sky News’s Mark Stone reports that hundreds of refugees were told by the Turkish authorities that they would be allowed to enter Greece. But when they arrived at the Greek border, they were reportedly turned away. They can’t go back to Turkey, because soldiers aren’t allowing them. And they can’t enter Greece, because soldiers aren’t allowing them.

On the ground, many of the refugees say they've been tricked.

In response to the footage, anti-border group Choose Love / Help Refugees said:

It is deeply concerning that these people appear to be being used in a political game.

Footage also emerged of what appears to be Greek border authorities firing tear gas at the stranded refugees.

At this point it is unclear whether the refugees will be allowed to enter Greece or be permitted to move back into Turkey. For now, they are stuck in no man's land between the two countries.

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