The countries taking their fair share of refugees (and those who aren't)

MSF Sea/Twitter

A charity has edited an 'EU propoganda video' about refugees and migration to 'tell you what they don't dare'.

On Wednesday the European Council released a video about all the work it had done to "regain control on illegal immigration flows" in 2016.

The warzone charity Medicines Sans Frantiers (Doctors Without Borders) was sceptical about the video.

MSF Sea, the water based wing of the charity that rescues migrants from drowning, made some corrections to the European Council's video and posted it online:

Their version has been tweeted thousands more times compared to the original.

Among the claims made by MSF in contradiction of the Council's video was that the European Union has focused its attention on stopping smugglers and not on rescuing sinking ships.

Data compiled by Statista on the number of Syrian refugees taken in by various countries, comparing the 'fair share' each country ought to take based on the size of its economy.

Canada and Germany have been found to take more than their suggested 'fair share', while France, Britain, and the USA were accepting a number of refugees well below their capacity.

In actual figures the UK was taking roughly 20,600 fewer migrants than its economy could support.

The data was originally collected by Oxfam.

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