Navigating the maelstrom of the dating world is an art form.

Questions about what to do - and what not to do – are popular topics on Q&A websites. Who picks up the tab? How long do you swap messages on Tinder before meeting in real life? When do you go from ‘talking’ to ‘dating’?

We decided to seek out the help of an expert to find out the biggest mistake you can make when dating someone.

Speaking to indy100, Jo Barnett, a leading dating coach and relationship expert, revealed the biggest mistake she believes people dating can make - skipping the romance and the communication:

Rushing into bed too quickly before they have got to know each other AND FORMED a strong mental and emotional connection. 

When couples rush into bed they are skipping the romance and the wining and dining, this stage is crucial for the man to appreciate and work for his lady. If he gets all of his needs met at once he doesn’t appreciate the relationship. 

Women need a bit of a mystery and a chase too. If they get everything they want straight away without having to put any effort in, she will not value the guy.

The quicker the relationship peaks, the sooner the flame dies!

She added:

Communication is [also] one of the biggest problems.

People do not speak about what they are hoping to find from a relationship and what’s important to them, what makes them tick, and they expect it to all work out in the end.

Food for thought.

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