Adele parties in LGBTQ+ nightclub Heaven

A homophobic audience member stormed out of a theatre performance of Rent after realising the show is about the LGBTQ+ community.

Despite the Jonathan Larson musical being around for more than 20 years, after making its Broadway debut in April 1996, apparently, its themes are still a surprise to some.

One production of the musical in Leeds was interrupted by an audience member who stood up and stormed out once they realised what the musical is about.

On their way out they berated front-of-house staff at the theatre, saying: “I didn’t realise this show was about gays.”

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The production, performed at Carriagework Theatre, was put on by the production company Bite My Thumb, who posted a statement about the incident.

In it, they wrote: “All the cast, creatives and backstage crew of the production were utterly disgusted to hear about this display of small minded ignorance.

“As a theatre company, we purposely chose Rent to give a voice to the LGBTQ+ community and educate on the horrors of the AIDS epidemic.”

In an act of defiance against the person’s bigotry, the production company also announced it was donating a percentage of the proceeds from that particular show to an LGBTQ+ organisation.

They continued: “So thank you to that close-minded, outdated person. Your appalling attitude now means an underfunded LGBTQ+ organisation will receive a donation it so desperately needs and will put to good use.”

Needless to say, the ignorant audience member was thoroughly roasted for their shocking actions.

One person asked: “how r u homophobic seeing Rent.”

Someone else wrote: “Sitting down expecting a pleasant evening full of songs of the security deposit, about to get the shock of my life.”

Another poked fun, writing: “Sad state of affairs that you can’t even go and see musical theatre these days without being exposed to homosexuals.”

Someone else said: “The concept of someone going to a musical and getting upset at seeing anything gay is absolutely hilarious to me.”

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