Republicans slammed for insensitive comments about Copenhagen shooting

Republicans slammed for insensitive comments about Copenhagen shooting
Copenhagen shooting: What do we know about Sunday's shopping centre attack?

After a gunman killed three people and left three others in a critical condition when he opened fire in a Copenhagen shopping centre on Sunday, some US Republicans have done the reprehensible and politicised the tragedy.

It is illegal for members of the public to possess a firearm in Denmark, with the exception of individuals who hold hunting licenses. Yet this shooting hasn’t stopped American politicians from trying to score points on gun policy – just over a month after 19 schoolchildren and two teachers were shot dead in Uvalde, Texas.

Texas congressional candidate Irene Armendariz-Jackson wrote on Twitter: “A shooting at a mall in Copenhagen, where guns are practically impossible to own for the general public, disproves every single Leftist talking point on guns.”

Lavern Spicer, a Republican congressional candidate for Florida, added: “Shooting in Copenhagen, Denmark, where guns are BANNED? Oooooh child I can’t wait for the Left to explain how that happened!

“My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. I truly hate gun violence and I hate the evil people who wish to disarm the general public and keep them unsafe.”

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Thankfully, other Twitter users were quick to condemn the pair’s comments on the Denmark shooting, and point out flaws in their argument – namely that the last attack in the country was back in 2015, which is a larger gap in comparison to the scale of shootings in America.

These Republicans have no shame.

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