Andrew Neil rapped about Brexit on This Week and it's as bad as it sounds

Andrew Neil rapped about Brexit on This Week and it's as bad as it sounds

A few weeks ago, Andrew Neil led a merry dance on his BBC news show This Week, where he vowed to carry on dancing until Brexit was complete.

It was completely and utterly awful and was only marginally saved by Liz Kendall being quite good at dancing.

We honestly thought it couldn't get any worse but, for once, (and savour this because not many mainstream media outlets will say this) we'll have to admit that we were wrong.

This week on This Week, Neil decided to treat his guests and viewers to a 'woke' rap about Brexit that was aimed at Rutger Bregman, the Dutch historian who was highly critical of the show after appearing on it last week.

In an attempt to address this, Neil conceived that the 'medium of rap' and a song focused on Brexit and his guests was the best comeback to Bregman, who had labelled Neil and others 'right-wing dinosaurs'.

This is what Neil actually rapped:

We're using the medium of rap so that we can map a world that is hard to explain on Brexit, on leave and remain

A parliament of pain. Portillo's whittling again. Yo, we gotta take it easy with a sister Stella Creasy. 

And without further ado we'll give you things to chew of you and old and old and new.

And what happens to out nation with a gap from generation to generation.

So for your late night delight, here's The Spotlight, It's tippity top. Mic drop.

Pusha T, he ain't.

They then segue into a section called 'The Spotlight', which was ironically about how out of touch they are with the younger generation, but not before Michael Portillo yelled: "You're the man."

We would say that Kendrick Lamar doesn't need to worry about Andrew Neil overtaking him in the rap game, but PJ and Duncan have got more flow than the BBC host.

This excruciatingly bad segment has since been shared on Twitter and people can't quite believe what they are seeing.

At least some people enjoyed it.

Neil did end the show by playing a compilation of Mark Francois fails, so we can slightly forgive him.


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