Robert De Niro has continued his stinging attacks on president Trump in a television interview with the BBC.

Appearing on Newsnight with Emily Maitlis, the actor claimed that the US President “doesn’t care how many people die.”

During the interview, De Niro argued that the Trump simply wants to get re-elected, rather than do what is best for the inhabitants of his country.

Over 83,000 people have so far died in the United States, which became the country with the deadliest outbreak of the virus in April. Trump recently admitted that reopening states might lead to more deaths – but that he wishes to go ahead with this anyway, and blamed the lack of medical supplies on the impeachment.

De Niro has long been feuding with Trump, and yelled 'f*ck Trump' at the Tony Awards in 2018, to which the president responded on Twitter by saying “Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual.”

Only days ago, De Niro appeared on The Late Show saying that Trump failed miserably in his response to the coronavirus outbreak, but that governor of New York Andrew Cuomo had done a marvellous job. De Niro even went so far as to say that he’d like to play Cuomo on the big screen, if a film ever gets made of the pandemic.

Some Americans have claimed that seeing as De Niro is an actor, rather than politics expert, he is unqualified to be giving his opinions on the president on this issue.

Though there was also a lot of agreement with the actor.

Though some were perplexed how he got on the show to begin with, which doesn't normally have Hollywood royalty as guests.

De Niro lives in New York, which has been confirmed as the world epicentre of the outbreak, and told Newsnight about what the atmosphere is like in the city at the moment.

It's been very strange because New York is kind of like a ghost town, it's surreal then you see other parts of the world, other great big cities of the world, are also in the same situation.


Seeing Robert De Niro trending, like whenever we see our golden oldies the Queen or David Attenborough trending, did bring on the fears.

Thankfully he's just doing the classic De Niro thing of causing a bit of trouble. And we have to admit we love him for it.

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