This woman posted a list of roommate rules and everyone is horrified

Narjas Zatat@Narjas_Zatat
Monday 26 November 2018 15:15

With reports that millions of UK millennials will not own a home, and the gig economy alive and kicking, people are renting.

And it’s hard out there, you guys.

It’s not even the rent prices (though experts suggest they're on the rise) that have people flinching and running for their parents' home.

No, that’s not it: it’s the roommates. Well, one particular roommate.

Twitter user @rxdazn posted a list of roommate requirements sent to someone who had expressed interest in an available room.

And the list is… well it’s just not OK. At all.

Here are the highlights:

1. The roommate can’t be in the house during “normal working hours” (9-5).

2. Use door handles, don’t push the doors to slam.

3. They “don’t want to hear noise coming from your room all the time.” This includes phone calls, watching movies and laughing after 11pm.

4. The house isn’t social, they don’t “do” parties, cook together or watch TV together. But you will be expected to be *know” your flatmates and have interests so you can talk to them about it.

5. You can’t go to the toilet often. “If you have to run to the toilet 15 times a day or every 15 minutes don’t move in here.”

6. "If all you eat is canned beans and cooked lentils and drink beer, you’re not my kind of flatmate. I need someone a little more sophisticated here."

7. But also minimise your cooking. “If you ONLY eat cooked/fried meals because you don’t know how to make a sandwich, this place isn’t for you.”

8. In fact, no cooking before 8:30am​.

9. IN FACT if you cook elaborate meals or bake, the house isn’t for you.

Needless to say, people have thoughts...

Just... just no.

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